John W. Smith Joins Dayboard Maritime

Director Of Business Development & Co-CSO/DPA

Dayboard Maritime is pleased to announce that John W. Smith is joining our team as Director of Business Development.  John will be responsible for developing new business opportunities and creating customized safety and security solutions for our Owners and Captains; specifically in the large yacht segment of the industry.  John will also serve as a co-Company Security Officer (CSO) and Designated Person Ashore (DPA).

“Dayboard Maritime is delighted to have John join our team,” says Will Nock, President and Owner of

Dayboard Maritime. “John has a great deal of experience and success working with a variety of clients, both in the commercial and yachting segments, and has demonstrated his knowledge of safety and security issues. John also has a great reputation in the industry with strong relationships and I am confident that he will be an invaluable asset to the company.”

John is a well-known resource for assisting clients with safety and security related issues, including the development of NTVRPs, CoFRs, SOPEPs, Safety Management Systems (SMS) and other publications. He brings over 20 years of sales and business development experience as well as experience as a DPA and CSO to Dayboard Maritime.

“I really love working directly with the Owners, Captains and crews in order to help them have a more enjoyable and safer experience,” John W. Smith says.  “With Dayboard Maritime’s leadership, knowledge and innovative SMS they are very well positioned to fill a need in the market – and I’m confident I can play a lead role in helping them bring their fantastic products and services to the industry.”

We’re very excited to have John on our team!  Please feel free to reach out to him at john@dayboardmaritime.com or +1 954.681.9131.

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