What Sets Us Apart?

Experience. Technology. Compliance. Independence.


Our experience working with major Flag States, Port State Control entities, and Classification Societies brings unique insight to yacht management. As former representatives for these organizations, we have taken part in the creation and enforcement of the very policies that now we help our clients comply with. We also guide our clients through the same audits, surveys, and inspections which we have experience conducting.


We are innovators. Utilizing technology, our team has pioneered an uncomplicated approach to processing data, viewing crew documents, due dates, communication, and account details. This dynamic interface is not reliant upon VSAT or other connectivity and allows crew to instantaneously share data among themselves.

Our Mission

Dayboard Maritime provides modern and innovative management services that improve, enhance and promote regulatory standards for safe, environmentally conscious navigational practices.

Our Core Values

Dayboard Maritime’s values are built upon a foundation of safety, integrity, respect, and transparency. We have an unwavering commitment to value-based relationships.
“I really love working directly with the Owners, Captains, and crews in order to help them have a safer and more enjoyable experience.  One thing that has helped me cultivate this is my traveling experiences.  By traveling around the globe, I gained a deep appreciation and respect for the various cultures and traditions of other people. No matter how far you travel, an elementary value that is often spoken, but not lived by often enough, is one that I always remind my kids and remind myself to live by, ‘Treat others as you would want to be treated.’ “
– John W. Smith, Director of Business Development, DPA/CSO
“My passion for this industry stems from a great respect for each Owner’s success story and a genuine understanding of their yacht related needs.  My biggest passion in life, next to my family of course, is being on my boat anywhere remote and preferably tropical.  So I get that this is a pleasure industry and a yacht is meant to be enjoyed.  Unfortunately, large yachts have been somewhat overrun by regulations and people wanting to take advantage of an owner’s wealth – which are not always mutually exclusive.   We are a management company that strives for transparency and honesty and we know the regulations so well that the Owner can simply relax and enjoy their yacht while we take care of the boring stuff.”
– Will Nock, Founder